Mindin’ My Own Biscuits

Until recently, the only trailer park music I was familiar with came from Marshall Mathers.  Also, the only country songs I really enjoyed were in a comical sense and whose lyrics involved guns, America and freedom.  The genre was seemingly lost upon me despite hearing it nearly every time I went out in public. While […]

Cooley High Review

“Fuck, that is a cop. Don’t run it will look suspicious!” A cheap bottle of vodka was thrown into the bushes and a very inebriated senior citizen who had just purchased it limped towards the road without looking back. Despite our new drinking partner’s sudden exit, we all accepted Matt’s command and stayed put. As […]

Jews pay Mexicans to protest Gays…Freedom of Extortion?

Last week’s ruling by the Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriages caused a flurry of emotion across the United States.  As expected, disagreement of the nation wide event arrived across social media as well at live celebrations, but a slew of problems were created that are more complex than your opinionated friend condemning rainbow profile […]

Detective Fiction

I have not written much fiction lately, as my writing energy goes mostly to The Siskiyou and its projects.  I am however enjoying my contemporary literature class this quarter and the books that are assigned are different than I would usually select on my own.  Throwing myself into these unfamiliar genres is proving to be advantageous since I need to do outside […]