Suspicious Strangers Disrupt Gaming Evening At Chiba City Arcade

Eli Stillman

Warren Hedges

Emda 330

January 25th, 2015

Chiba City, Ninsei

Approx: 10:50 PM

The highly anticipated arrival of Mortal Kombat 25 is being pushed back after suspicious events ensued at a downtown arcade last night.

This series has brought controversy since it began in 1992 and is finally coming back after a 21 year ban was lifted.

Though formerly, a known hotspot for illegal activity, the arcade’s new owner Shin Renshi said he has been trying to clean up the areas name since he took over three months ago.

“When I visited here years ago I saw so much potential in this place,” the entrepreneur from Reno, Nevada told authorities early this morning, “there were always sketchy people lingering around the back room though.”

According to Renshi, that back office had been boarded up since he took over.

Around eleven o’clock pm a man came running into the arcade and headed straight for the back room, only stopping his rapid entrance to tell one of the arcade’s employees to get security.

“He ran so fast I couldn’t get a good look at his face,” the worker, who wishes to remain anonymous stated, “All I could tell you is that his eyes looked nearly black, like they were completely dilated.”

The suspicious figure did not steal anything and broke through the empty back office door on the second level.  It is believed that he exited by smashing out the window and dropping 24 feet, though there were no traces of blood in the room or in the alley next to it.


Long time Security guard, Al Sharpton passed a woman wearing glasses coming down the stairs as he began his slow escalation, but his outstretched arm and command to stop had no success.

“She ran fast as bullets down them stairs, I thought about chasing her but I was already halfway to the room!”

Competing arcades in the area are happy that this location will be shut down for further investigation, which will no doubt send customers in droves towards their own entertainment centers, during what could be the largest gaming event of the year.

“I have nothing to hide and only my reputation to clear,” Renshi said,”I just hope that this strange event is not a hint of things to come.”

*Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward to the Chiba City Police

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