Try To Get It Together

Good morning all, I’ve been pretty unmotivated and slightly depressed since  my cross country career ended a few weeks ago.  The result of our team not performing up the standard we knew we could, has made hibernating through my finals and even the holidays seemed quite appealing. I’m aware that compared to others my sadness … Continue reading Try To Get It Together


Teen’s Toyota Recovered

Toyotas account for a large make-up of the vehicles on The Ridge.  Specifically, earlier generation pick-ups which can be easily modified and lifted for off-roading can be found coming down from the hills and even on most drives through town.  Being that there are many around and handed down, 80’s toyotas are a popular first … Continue reading Teen’s Toyota Recovered

Superbad Review

Seth Rogen proved in 2007 that he still knows what it’s like to party like a teenager. Or at least attempt to. The actor, director, producer was the driving force behind Superbad which simultaneously paid tribute to older teen sex comedies while twisting conventional cliches into something deeper than boobs, beer and high school graduation. … Continue reading Superbad Review