TSP 1 – Champions

Sleep was minimal but stoke maximal. I had the opportunity to be a driver for a quick crew running from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The six runners, who were strangers before The Speed Project, traded sleeping shifts and segments through the desert en route to a first-place finish and a new race record of 29 hours 26 minutes.

I was terrified to drive a massive RV but managed to get it safely to Sin City without much damage. Shout out to On for bringing this group of inspiring athletes together. I had no idea what the hell I was getting into, but after this unforgettable experience, I might even consider running on a team myself next year. Reflecting on the whirlwind of a week, more and more things come to memory from the race and days beforehand, but I’m still unsure how to piece them together as stories or reports.

As sleep becomes part of my regular schedule again and I find more notes scribbled on the back of gas station receipts in my backpack, I hope more of the pieces will come together.

Finish line champs and confused tourists – by Aisha McAdams (@ai.shoots)

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