Hello, my name is Eli and I’m 24 years old.

I currently live, write and teach English in Liberia, Costa Rica. Throughout my life, media and communication have always been topics of interest. As a teacher in a foreign country, I’m gaining a new perspective while continuing to follow media trends in the United States and around the world.

Before I left the country, I worked as a  reporter in my hometown of Paradise, California. I covered everything from human interest stories to town council meetings and  anything else that happened to be going on. Seriously, a day at the office could have included wildfires, school district drama or the temporary closure of Taco Bell. A particularly hot topic in the community.

Due to our small staff size (just myself and one editor) my responsibilities also included photography, copy editing and assisting in social media posts.

These tasks, which I was assigned by default, only helped to increase my versatility and fuel my interests in the world of communication.

I am a graduate of Southern Oregon University where I earned a degree in film, television and convergent media. At SOU I was editor in chief of my school paper and an OK distance runner for the NAIA competative Raider varsity teams. I graduated with Cum Laude honors and was twice recognized as head of my program.

Following graduation I earned a summer internship at the Daily Astorian through the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism.

 Filthy Casual  is a (semi) formal blog that started as place for me to post school projects. It has become a platform for stories that I create on my own time. It is constantly being adjusted.

 For Inquires/Complaints/Jobs:


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