Before November 8, 2018 the town where I was raised was mostly only known by outsiders because it was the largest community west of the Mississippi without a sewer system.

Since the Camp Fire destroyed nearly the entire town of Paradise, I find that it’s often on my mind. It comes up in conversation with friends and due to the impact it has in my day-to-day life, I find that it comes up in my writing as well.

I graduated from Paradise High School, I wrote for the Paradise Post after graduating from college, and I had moved to Portland just three weeks before the Camp Fire.

This blog has changed quite a bit since I started it in 2013 and, thankfully, so has my writing. You’ll find a mix of school assignments, travel posts from my time teaching English in Costa Rica, some fiction and other stuff that I think is important enough to write about.

Things that interest me include pop culture, sports, politics and human behavior in general. I find that living in Portland has put me at the right intersection where all of these topics converge.

Contact: elijstillman@gmail.com

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