Everybody Chill

I feel like I could possibly be hallucinating from my cold medicine or I woke up on a junior high Myspace bulletin board.  Either way, I couldn’t believe the amount of repostings involving privacy that I saw while sleepily checking Facebook on my phone minutes ago.

If you’ve been on Facebook in the last month, chances are this post below, or a similar looking wildfire, has engulfed  your feed as well.


This summer we showed how good we are at spreading awareness over the Internet through ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. Back when Kony 2012 came around, we also showed that we don’t always like to look up facts before concluding our feelings.

Unfortunately, this text post is not benefitting anyone or raising money, it is just annoying us all.

I personally believe this to be a harmless “chain-mail” post that one person is probably laughing at hilariously.

The article below might offer some insight and reassurance:


No, it’s not a huge deal and you haven’t offended me, but by saying “better safe than sorry”and reposting you’re directly helping to spread the propaganda.

In conclusion, Please realize that every website has strangely worded terms and conditions.  The second that you accept those, a simple text copy and paste will do you no good. Please think these things through.


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