Adrian Peterson should not play in the NFL again.

In 2009 Adrian Peterson was one of the handful of athletes selected for ESPN’s first ever Body Issue. The magazine showcased naked athletes from different sports and interviewed them on their unique physiques. In his spread, Peterson stated that his favorite muscle in his body is his heart.

Five years later, it’s hard to tell how strong that muscle actually is.

In May, a police report was filed stating that Peterson had whipped his 4 year old son with a wooden switch while he was disciplining him. Text messages were later recovered between Peterson and his son’s mother that said he admitted to going overboard.

Pictures of the boy’s thighs, back and butt show deep lacerations from the incident and can be seen on Google.

Looking back on the Peterson story of 2009, it’s terrifying to imagine those broad shoulders and shredded biceps swinging a branch on a small child’s back. This man is one of the strongest players in the NFL and has trained his body to be able to run over full grown defenders.

adrian peterson 2

In front of a grand jury in Montgomery County, Texas, Peterson was indicted for neglect to a child. Only very recently was he removed from the indefinite position on the exempt list and handed a year long suspension.
With violence being a huge problem in the NFL now, I believe that they should ban Adrian Peterson for life.

Views opposing mine state that even his temporary suspension was too much; that this man was just disciplining his child and “thats how they do it in the South.”

I don’t think geography, class or race warrants abuse of a child.

I was physically punished as a toddler, except instead of a switch I would spanked. If I had been bad, my mother would send me to my room until my dad returned home from work. The part I remember most vividly was the anticipation of him walking to my room while I waited, knowing what was coming next.

My parents don’t belong in jail nor do I hold a grudge against them, but I believe that an organization such as the NFL which claims to make children’s safety a high priority needs to hold an oppressor of that value accountable as both a business practice and a way of holding a moral compass for the rest of the players in the league.

The horror of child brutality should be all too familiar to Adrian Peterson since last year one of his two year old sons suffered injuries resulting in his death.

Joseph Robert Patterson of Sioux Falls was sentenced to prison after he called 911 about the child choking. After medical assistance was unable to help the young boy, he passed away at a nearby hospital.

#SickForAP was a trending tag on twitter for awhile following the awful incident. Many pro athletes including JJ Watt, Cam Newton and Lebron James expressed their sympathy for Peterson during that time. One has to wonder now if those same stars would tweet #ScaredOfAP in the wake of this latest situation.

adrian peterson 3

How could a man who has lost one of his children to violence think of harming another so soon?

The recent unfolding of results show that he either is very neglectful or has a strong sense of violence ingrained in his way of life.

Play 60 and “Heads Up” are programs that the NFL supports which look out for children’s well being and health. What message is the organization sending if they reinstate Peterson after he blatantly showed he cares about neither?

Adrian Peterson has been the face of the Vikings franchise, but now only reflects a toxic image that will plague the team and organization until he retires. It is time for the National Football League commissioners to forget that Peterson is a millionaire celebrity and recognize that what he did goes against what they stand for.

A man lacking a courageous heart does not deserve to play on the highest stage of this profession.

One response to “Adrian Peterson should not play in the NFL again.”

  1. Everyone has their opinion but it was pleaded to a misdemeanor so he should keep his job. The nature of his crime will keep him from working with kids most likely but his job is playing football not teaching kids. Lots of law enforcement officers get dui’s and keep their jobs since it’s a misdemeanor. Opinions are opinions whether people like them or not. I don’t agree with you one bit but I don’t agree with what Peterson did either. This is about his right to keep his job and I believe he should.

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