The New Man


A passion for bravery and exploration was a necessity all men needed to posses.  Especially with the expansion and conquering of lands in the West, evoking ones inner Davy Crockett was a standard.


Perhaps the most important thing a man needed to be was determined and focused on everything in his life.  As previously stated, in the earlier times there was limited help and in order to accomplish laborious or difficult tasks men had to be completely driven.


Men of the eighteenth century thoroughly enjoyed hunting and other physical games. A sense of masculinity and worth was measured in these competitive games.


A man’s worth was also evaluated by his commitment to the church. All men and their families were not only expected to attend church on Sundays, but also help donate money and time to help develop it.

In more rural areas men were had a lot of responsibilities and limited help.  The ability to jump into a task that may have been risky was common for these men.


Men most always be stone-faced and strong when it came to emotions.  This meant withholding all anger, sadness and extreme joy away from even those closest to them.

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