Try To Get It Together

Good morning all,

I’ve been pretty unmotivated and slightly depressed since  my cross country career ended a few weeks ago.  The result of our team not performing up the standard we knew we could, has made hibernating through my finals and even the holidays seemed quite appealing. I’m aware that compared to others my sadness is quite benign, but still crawling out of the cold hole known as my room has become increasingly difficult.  Maybe you’re kicking ass and going headstrong into the holidays or maybe you’re like me and struggling to get it in gear. Either way here’s some shit to help.

The search for motivation finally came to an end after a long night of listening to “Eye of the Tiger” for nearly three hours in bed.  Though the anthem still makes me want to break into one armed push-ups, it’s somewhat hokey lines helped me realize there’s all sorts of stuff to get fired up about and purse.

Today we draw inspiration from two sources which can hopefully help us realize how achievable our tasks remaining in the day, week and term are.


“Undaunted I knew the game was mine to win. Just like in life all of my successes depend on me. I’m the man who has the ball.” -Kenny Powers

The All American Anti-hero, Kenny Powers, has been at the highest of points fame and dragged down on the furthest depths of scum, we normal people never knew existed.  I rewatched the entire first season of Eastbound and Down on my flight back from North Carolina and found it more relevant than before.  Though I’m not nearly as debaucherous as Mr. Powers, his struggle to athletic prominence is actually intense, even in its fictitious world.  Kenny does very awful things, but throughout his life he’s driven to do whatever it takes to get back on top.  If you haven’t seen Eastbound and Down and don’t mind drugs, nudity or vulgar language go watch it.

The other self-help advice that’s been in the back of my mind is an old colloquial expression, “Shit or get off the pot.” Wikipedia says this is a vulgar derivative of the old New England term ,” fish or cut bait.” Seeing as how I haven’t been fishing in months and share a one bathroom house with three other men on high fiber diets, the new age adjustment seems more fitting. To me, this phrase doesn’t just mean prioritizing a task or decision you’ve been sitting on because you’re lazy, but also to be sure about yourself. I feel like it’s normal for people around my age to be unsure of commitment or action, but staying stagnant can just hold a person in a cyclical schedule of waiting and biding time.

Kenny Powers doesn’t hold back, nor dwell on an opportunity in front of him.  Shit or get off the pot.

 Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be happy where you are in life as well as comfortable, but the paradigm is that staying to comfortable leads to the the cycle previously stated.

In conclusion, I hope these small reminders can help you overcome tasks present in your life because I read somewhere that the holidays are actually a very sad time for people feeling left out of the joy they see on t.v.  I”l break my funk of writer’s block and lack of motivation but remember, “don’t lose your grip on dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.”


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